Sohna lies atop Arravallies hills in Haryana, just 65 Km from Delhi. Sohna is slowly growing up as a beautiful health-cum-holiday resort. Sohna got its name from a waterway nearby whose sands are said to have cluttered with Gold. Sohna in Hindi means Gold. This is the last fragment of the Arravallies Northern ridge .

Sohna is famous for its Sulphur spring. The water of the spring has Remedial qualities. The hot Sulphur water is a strong disinfectant for skin disease. The springs are located at the feet of a vertical rock, and are capped by a dome. The spa complex with sauna, Sulphur and steam bath facilities for the tourists is situated up on the rock. There is also a mini swimming pool, filled with water sprinkle from the wall lavish .You can remain here for some days but the bookings have to be done in advance.